{ Maternity Plaster Casting – Bendigo}

I have a lovely and talented friend Jasmine, who loves all things birthing and motherhood! She has just started offering the unique service of plaster casting in the Bendigo region.  I can’t wait to see more of her art and what she has to offer women in the future!! If you would like more information click on her website – www.nascentartbyjasmine.com.au


April 23, 2014 - 3:27 pm

Corinne Cinatl - These photos are lovely. It was such a fun thing to do. Jasmine is certainly very creative and I felt so comfortable having her do the cast on my belly!!

{ Baby Barker – Bendigo Maternity Photographer }

These two beautiful people are about to embark on their journey of parenthood. Any words of wisdom for them?

Mine is ~ Seek out other new mums and do life with them. I’m a strong believer that motherhood is meant to be done in community; together. Don’t do it alone. For Dad, never EVER underestimate the value of your support.  You’ll need to be her crutch for a little while.  She may be consumed with the demands of her baby but she loves you and needs you. : )