Birth of Maya | BIRTH FILM

It is a gift to be able to witness other women and men in the birth space. It is powerful for those yet to walk the path.

Here is a beautiful birth film with the song played and sung by little Maya’s Father. So precious.

Born at Bendigo Health ~ a shout out to the incredible midwives on that night. You make such a difference to the lives and stories of others.

Birth of Maya from The Birth Story Photographer on Vimeo.

December 1, 2017 - 6:12 pm

Maggie Rutherford - This is so beautiful, just like all of your work. As someone who feels a lot of fear around the idea of giving birth, I love the honest and powerful way that you share it here–your videos don’t shy away from the struggle and the pain, but they capture the raw beauty and transformative power as well. I just have to say thank you.

Birth of Sunny | BIRTH FILM

THE BIRTH {FILM} OF SUNNY  |   March 2017

This is birth. So dignified, so normal, so incredible and so loving. Surrounded with love and in her own home, little Sunny arrived on this cool Autumn morning.

Women need to see normal, yet incredible, stories like these with no drugs, no intervention but still challenges that were overcome with support.

Thank you Kara, Kaid and the girls for sharing these intimate family moments with us!


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Birth of Sunny Blossom from The Birth Story Photographer on Vimeo.

May 7, 2017 - 11:12 am

Adaline Barker - So incredible! Kara, what an amazing job you did! Bree, you have captured this beautifully x