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Yes, that is a washing machine! Please let me explain.

5:40AM – The phone rings “It is happening, we are going to head into the hospital soon. She thinks it wont be long.”

5:43AM – Phone rings again,  “Umm she’s actually just had the baby…!!!”

I was already on my way on that rainy April morning just before the sun rose.  As I arrived, I could hear activity happening in the back room of the house and was met with faces of joy and somewhat shock. “I just had a BABY!” Leah kept saying with a massive smile on her face, and to convince herself that this was all really happening.

Though this was her second child, it was a vastly different labour as she was induced with her first born. She didn’t think she was so close to giving birth, though she had been contracting most of the night. Even though we were all gathered around that tiny laundry room, it was just a beautiful scene of joy. The excitement was almost tangible. The paramedics arrived and were so lovely and happy for Leah and Dan. They patiently waited for the placenta to deliver naturally and didn’t rush anyone.

Every birth has a moment that catches me with a tear, for this one it was the moment Leah rings her Dad and says, “I’ve had a baby boy.” Her eyes well up and I know exactly the rush of emotion and pride that is overwhelming her as she tells her loved ones.

This is real life and it is beautiful.

Thank you for allowing us into your birth story, Leah and Dan! It is always a treat.

Oh yes, and why in the laundry of all places to birth at home… well the laundry is connected to the toilet and she thought she needed to go.

May 1, 2014 - 10:18 pm

Larissa Younger - Bree what a great story to tell through photography, loved reading the story before the photos, just beautiful work.

May 2, 2014 - 8:35 am

Ruth Kerr - What delightful photos recording some of the joy of this happy family event!
Congratulations to all from a doula in Wagga Wagga.

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