{ My Story }

.My aunty once asked me if I wanted to watch a video of her son being born. I was a teenager at the time; the thought of that didn’t excite me by any means and I wondered why someone would want to film their birth.


Fast forward ten years and I am now a narrative photographer who is passionate about telling the story of birth in an artistic and beautiful way,

because birth IS beautiful!


What changed?  Experiencing the journey for myself!

Birth is an amazing story that should be told! Photography is the perfect way to display the real and raw emotion that birth creates.

I pour my heart and soul into my work. Somewhere along the line it stopped being ‘work’.

It is now simply: my passion.

I hope the images evoke emotion as you look through them.

I hope you can read the story without words.

Most of all, I hope your eyes are opened to the miracle that birth is.

Will  you let me tell your story?



     The day I birthed my own son was one of the most

amazing days of my life!

    As my husband held my hand through every contraction,

I journeyed through the pain for the joy that would come later.

At the first sight of our son it felt like my heart literally

melted like wax inside of me.


.My eyes still well up now just thinking about it.

Consumed with deep love.

I remember looking up at my husband in those minutes and feeling very proud that we made it and this little angel was ours!



Though I carried him for 9 months ~ I was just waiting for this moment to finally hold him!