| My own birth story about to unfold |

– 28 July 2014 –

38 weeks! Now it is my turn to take a break and nurture my next baby into the world. I feel excited and I can’t wait to share my own story with you – no pressure right?!

mybirthstoryblogbirthphotographerAs I prepare for my next birth, I’ve really enjoyed reflecting where ‘The Birth Story’ has come from and why I am so passionate about it. After much global attention from a recent birth I photographed, I was interviewed by Kochie from Sunrise. I was expecting to be asked about the moments surrounding that wonderful birth. Instead I cringed when Kochie said 

‘Well I suppose

she needs a niche in the market, as photography is competitive’ as he really couldn’t understand why someone would photograph births. Actually one of my favorite questions to be asked is ‘Why do you want to photograph births?’ because I know exactly why I do it!

Dear Kochie – You are not alone in your reaction and I suppose to a degree that is why I do what I do. To find a niche in photography is the last reason why I would be a birth photographer. It’s a tricky job, and many don’t realize what it takes to be committed to the story. Not only myself, my husband and baby sitter must be committed as well. I am on call for weeks at a


time and need to be ready to go at any minute day or night. I am gone for unknown hours, sometimes 24 hours straight. Neither do I leave Bendigo in the weeks leading up to a due mother. The only thing that can drive that sort of commitment is passion.

The Birth Story Photographer exists to tell the story of birth in a beautiful and artistic way. Simple as that.

When I birthed my first child 2.5 years ago I was surprised and overwhelmed at all the beauty that surrounded the event (though my birth wasn’t all blissful). Surprised is the right word, as previously I had hardly heard anyone talk of birth as being something that could be amazing. After I birthed, I knew I had to get a positive message out for the sake of other females who had never birthed and feared that time. I wanted to invite people in to that special space in a unique way. I wanted to make others excited about their experience. I wanted to bring new light to an unknown place. I wanted to show the beautiful parts of birth!!

Has seeing these unique birth images changed your view?? Oh please tell me if it has!!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by all who follow my blog and constantly have encouraging words to say. I thank God for giving me this expression of art and the desire to see other women have a positive experience.

To celebrate my little ‘womb mate’ and enjoy some pampering, I had my talented friend put this beautiful design on my belly with henna. It is a temporary natural dye that lasts a few weeks. I just love it! She did this by free hand too! If you’d like your own, you can check out her art atwww.nascentartbyjasmine.com.au

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know when kiddo is here.

Ps. I forgive you Kochie, I wouldn’t want to be a Sunrise presenter either!

Photo Credit: My gorgeous husband, Brock!

August 1, 2014 - 7:54 pm

Carrie - I love your belly shots Bree and you look amazing. Look forward to hearing all about your birth story. Enjoy xx
P.s- I think it’s a girl 🙂

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