Birth of Ada | Bendigo Birth Photography

December 2016

Carrie and Brad have invited me to photograph each of their three babies at birth. Its been so special to witness and capture these moments for them. Carrie you are stronger than you realise, and an inspiration to me. The image of your first embrace with Ada gets me, and another that makes me smile is Brad and the kids walking down the corridor to meet their new baby. So sweet.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us!  xx



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Introducing these very new and wonderful short film sessions, called ‘My Motherhood’.

The inspiration and passion behind them is below. Enjoy.

These sessions are inspired by my Mother’s Mother… because she left this world when my Mum was 7 years old. She left behind a loving husband and 3 small children. Though I’ve never met her, I’ve observed the profound effect it has had upon a human being to lose a parent at a tender age. My Mum holds dear a doll she was given as the last gift from her Mother and a few old photographs.


I’ve often wondered about my Grandmother and what her heart felt towards her children. Did they know? How healing would it be if they had a recording of her voice? Not just a recording, but a love letter spoken to them, from her own lips and in her own tone. How comforting would it have been when the silence in their childhood was heavy, when they felt alone, when they had forgotten what she sounded like, when they needed reassurance! What a gift beyond measure they could treasure.


What if we could peer into the window 20 years ago, into the home where we raised our little ones? What if we could, for a moment, feel like we were there again as we watch them play, listen to them giggle and see ourselves talking to them? Imagine if you could observe your own mother playing with you as a small child, holding you, loving you. Give this gift to your own children.


If you were to pass away, would your little ones know your heart for them?


I want my boys to remember my overwhelming love and pride for them. The kind that sacrifices everything, the kind that feels like your heart will literally burst with emotion, my love that protects them and my love that wants them to know they are enough. They are perfect. They are my heart.


They. Are. Incredible.


Here is where MY MOTHERHOOD was birthed from and I’m so excited to introduce and offer it to you now!


Through motion film, My Motherhood sessions creatively display you and your children in the everyday beauty of life, those little moments of interaction, the sound of their voices, simplicity of love, your home, your emotion, and most importantly your children’s mother. Let them hear, in your own words, your heart for them.

It is a gift for both you and your children for the rest of your lives.

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My Motherhood ~ Gemma from The Birth Story Photographer on Vimeo.