Obadiah and Motherhood

JUNE 2016

After capturing maternity, birth and newborn photographs for this family.  Adaline contacted me some weeks later and said it felt like there was still part of the story to tell. She wanted to honour and embrace how motherhood had effected her body. She wanted me to capture the ‘imperfections’ of her body.

So we did that. We celebrated that real life is beautiful through images with her, her body and her children. First are a few photographs from her newborn session followed by her own words about her ‘motherhood’ session. She has shared them with you purely in hope that you too could see your motherly body as beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful to me Ads, inside and out.


Adaline’s own words: It was about six weeks after Obi’s birth and like many newborn feeding Mums, I found myself one evening browsing through my Facebook news feed when it just so happened that another one of ‘those’ articles and images popped up!  Yep, another article about how to achieve that ‘perfect’ body as a woman.  As I held my beautiful third child in my arms, I felt alerted to the constant bombardment of these articles and images in my world!  These images and advertisements were alluring me into thinking that I had to ‘shape up’ in order to feel ‘on top of things’ and thriving as a woman; as a mother!

At this moment I realised my ‘Birth Story’ had not finished.  It’s beauty and celebration was not complete.  I wanted to take all the insecure thoughts I’ve ever had about my ‘post’ baby body and transform them into thoughts of pure gratitude and thanksgiving!

I felt the way to do this was through capturing images of my perfect ‘imperfections’.  To remind myself of the true beauty of a woman’s body, a body bearing the marks of carrying and birthing a child.  Images that would counteract and trump the often over sexualised images of the female body and falsehood of what is ‘perfect’, that constantly get fed to us.  So, I gave my beautiful friend Bree a call.

I knew she was the perfect person for the job!  I have always felt so safe with her as a photographer and a beautiful soul that cares deeply about the celebration of all things Motherhood!  I really didn’t know what kind of images to request and even felt a little nervous, but after sharing my heart about the purpose for these images, Bree did the most amazing job at capturing my ‘post birth’ body (there are a few more stretch marks that these photos don’t show; reserved just for us to treasure!), surrounded by our amazing children that make every change in my body so worth it!  When I received the images, I was filled with love, gratefulness, awe and wonder at the blessing that is our children, and me, their mother, my body, and the privilege I have been given.

These are the images I will now look at to remind me of the truth about my body.  I have been fearfully and wonderfully made, as too have my children.  This is beauty, these so called imperfections are actually absolutely perfect!  Bree, thank you for helping translate what is true into images.  I will treasure these and always be so thankful for the beauty of my body after bearing children xxx


I hope her honesty has inspired your thoughts today. xx


June 5, 2016 - 9:28 pm

Jennifer - Adaline’s bravery and heart to share this story and images has truly inspired me. It is so good to be reminded of what is true and good and lovely and as she said, a gift to us as women, to have the bodies we have in all of life’s changes. I am thankful to have read her story and to realise that we must see ourselves with a truth perspective, not the world’s perspective, and to pass on this truth to other women and children in our lives. Thank you Adaline and Bree for your beautiful work.

Oscar | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

June 2016

Every few months my husband and I return to Warragul, his hometown. I got to meet and photograph 4 week old Oscar and do a mini Lifestyle session with his family. Such a beautiful way to capture life as it is, in their fleeting moments of newness.

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