Watson Family | Bendigo Maternity Photographer

May 2016

It was hard for me to imagine a second child in my life. When I felt I’d lavished my love on the one that made me a Mother.

What would two be like? How will it change my relationship with my first? How much more love can I have for two?

For me, my second son felt like a welcomed stranger in our house at first. I had 2.5 years of experiences and memories with my eldest and none with my newborn. They were both fully mine and both fully loved, but connection and relationship took time.

The thing is love doesn’t come in a quantity.

It just is. I just love. There is no measure.

The both are my heart.

This little family of four I recently photographed reminded me of those feelings as they’ll welcome their new member shortly.


May 1, 2016 - 10:03 pm

Dee Lahn - Gorgeous!

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